Multichannel CRM

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Business and Productivity Software | 0 comments

Modern marketing has become something of a catch-me-if-you-can game. The mobile age has jettisoned us past the days of plain old “digital” marketing and email-and-website marketing strategies. Mobile customers are now moving between multiple channels, devices, and micro-moments that marketers have to navigate. In our multichannel world, knowing when, where, and how to reach customers is nearly impossible without a central place to manage complex customer relationships. Enter CRM.

The birth of CRM in the pre-mobile days allowed marketers to finally manage customer interactions with their company and compile rich, actionable data to drive sales growth and retention. This was perfect for a desktop world, but as consumer behavior evolved and mobile adoption increased, CRM went missing. As Appboy CEO, Mark Ghermezian, said in 2012, “We believe that CRM is a whole category that’s missing within mobile apps.”

Now that consumers are interacting with and transacting on multiple devices, in multiple channels daily, it’s increasingly important for companies to have a multichannel-ready CRM. Here’s why your marketing strategy falls short if you don’t have one.

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