Duties and Responsibilities:
Have a clear understanding of requirements, edge cases and dependencies of stories/tasks and breakdown stories into sub-tasks that can be worked on independently
Be able to code and deploy in production when needed
Be able to create PoCs when needed
Do code review and advocate clean coding
Implement unit tests strategically
Be able to refactor code and clean up technical debt
Keep dependencies and environment updated
Be able to improve CICD process if needed
Keep documentation up to date

Specific skills:
.Net / .Net Core Web API
Strong understanding of REST Principles
Strong understanding of basic OOP concepts, have advance OOP knowledge (Generics, Delegates, & Events)
Understands design patterns and when to use them
Unit/Automation/Integration Testing

Additional skills (not required but good to have):

PHP (WordPress)

SQL (PostgreSQL)
Javascript Framework Experience (Angular/React/Vue)
Messaging e.g. RabbitMQ (STOMP/Websocket)
Caching (Redis)
Asynchronous Process
Multi Threading
Agile Scrum Software Development Process (Jira)

Cloud Services (e.g. Google Cloud / Azure) Soft Skills:
Can train team members at differing levels
Can articulate concepts and ideas to team
Can show/lead the way if needed Schedule: 7:00 AM to 4:00 PM PHT Location: Angeles City, Pampanga