SaaS Need-to-know Advantages and Disadvantages
Technology enhancement and streamlining of information calls for efficiency. The economy is constantly changing and with the struggle we are facing today; it helps to find a solution that will save and even make money. Software-as-a-service (SaaS)  is one option businesses can resort to. 

There is a constant search and improvement in developing softwares and applications that can aid in the bettering processes and the operation of the economy. There is no doubt that SaaS are doing their part very well, and we can see the changes they brought to our daily practices.

SaaS is just like anything else in the world – it has benefits and drawbacks. Allow us to share with you need-to-know information to help you decide on whether SaaS is the efficient solution you’ve been waiting for to implement into your business. 

SaaS Advantages 

Minimized Payment

When you go for SaaS, there is no need to pay a high amount, just like you would on traditional models. Hardware and software costs are lower because they house them in a shared and multi-tenant environment. 

Since the price is lower, businesses small and medium and size can access the software. There is also no need to spend on maintenance as the SaaS provider got that covered for you. 

More Time to Enjoy Its Benefits

Time is always of the essence. With traditional models, you need to make time for installation and configuration. With SaaS, all of that is taken care of. Your application is ready to use. With no installation, configuration, and software deployment drama, you get more time to use and enjoy the benefits of SaaS.


You need not be a geek of sorts just so you can use SaaS. Saas are very foolproof and easy to use. What’s best is that they come with excellent practices and patterns. Most SaaS even offer testing before buying, aiding a more informed decision before purchase. 


In the modern world, the Internet is the norm. Accessing a SaaS application is a breeze. If you have a browser and an Internet connection, SaaS will be available for you. No matter what device you use and anywhere you are in the globe; as long as you have these essentials, you can function. 

Scalable and Highly-Integradable 

If there is one thing that you’d love about SaaS, it is its flexible quality. You can normally find SaaS in cloud environments. This allows for scalability and integrations with other offerings from SaaS. Traditional models will need new servers and software, but SaaS only requires enabling a new SaaS offering to operate. 

Easy Upgrades 

Upgrading is easy and is an offering form SaaS providers. They will deliver central upgrade to hosted applications to lessen your burden. If you take the traditional route, you’d have to buy an upgraded package and install it. With SaaS, they do it all for you. Costs and efforts are minimized yet you enjoy the great benefits SaaS offers. 

SaaS Disadvantages

Decreased Control and Visibility

Using traditional applications offers a high degree of control on operations and information. With SaaS, some parts of your control will turn over to third-party providers. Depending on the SaaS you are using information, data, applications, and many others are collected to be accessed by organizations. 

Concerns on Data and Security

When dealing with cloud and hosted services, data and security concerns are a great deal. Information is something that every individual is wary of, so access to this data and its use is a great consideration to think of.  

Speed is Slower

Client and server applications run slightly faster if you compare them to SaaS applications. But that doesn’t mean that SaaS applications are slow. SaaS offers pretty decent speed for their applications. 

Saas has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of SaaS outweigh the negative. No wonder, investors keep flocking SaaS for their huge benefits. Using SaaS is not slowing down, especially now that the economy is combatting a battle. 

In the years to come, SaaS will only speed up and develop even more technologies that will enable and power more businesses into the forefront of success. If you want to learn more about SaaS and how it can help your business, please visit SHOPerones

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